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I have been in the counseling field for over 25 years skilled at dealing with most mental health issues. My specific areas of expertise are relationship counseling (Couples and Marriage), teaching Conflict Resolution Skills and appropriate communication skills within a loving relationship. I have many years of dealing with those with addictions, Codependency issues and in these areas I offer individual as well as group counseling. I am skilled to help those with issues of depression, anxiety, OCD and impulse disorders, using Cognitive-Behavioral Techniques based on Reality ( client focused) Theory of counseling. I challenge my clients to be better in certain areas of life. I stress teaching clients to let go of the Victim mode of functioning and teach my clients to become survivors and then to become thrivers.

My general theoretical belief is as a Reality Therapist. Reality Therapy maintains that the individual is suffering from a socially universal human condition rather than a mental illness.The most central ideas in my work are that present unhealthy patterns of relating or coping are developed in relationships; these may be in early formative relationships as well as current marital or familial relationships. Most of our struggles or pain comes from relationships and how we view ourselves and our world. Therefore healing in our life comes when we learn the basis of our identity, learn how to effectively give and receive in our relationships, and in therapy itself experience respect, trust, and authentic relating. The general goals of my treatment are to help you resolve current distressing events in your life and help you grow as a person. My approach to counseling and problem solving focuses on the here-and-now actions of the client and the ability to create and choose a better future.

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